Judge Ron Spears (Retired)

     Having served as a lawyer or judge in thousands of cases, including hundreds of jury or Bench trials and settlement conferences, Ron Spears has experienced the strengths and weaknesses of the court system.  Judges and jurors try their best to correctly determine disputed facts and properly apply the law.  There is always a certain degree of unpredictability as to what the fact finder will conclude and, if liability is found, what the damage award will be. 

     Most cases are settled before trial.  In recent years alternate dispute resolution options have become very common to allow the disputants to achieve a resolution out of court, retaining some degree of control and privacy.  There also can be a savings in the time and financial and emotional expense to reach a final result.  Ron has the knowledge and experience to assist the parties and attorneys reach agreement.

     You can download below a brief CV of Ron Spears.  If you have any questions about his availability in a particular type of case or geographic area, please call or email.  Also below is a listing of some of Ron's publications on topics of interest to the legal profession.  Ron recognized early on that the parties need to be aware of their "Right To Avoid Litigation.".


     Ron seeks in every mediation or arbitration to start the process with a handshake, end with a handshake, and have a successful resolution in between.  He tries to make the process as collaborative and non-adversary as possible.  The success rate for resolution has been very high.